Useful items that are likely hiding at your local antiques store

So today I bring you a post about things in your antiques store that may actually be useful.

So yes, I deal in antiques, but I also buy them, and use them. Here is a short list of useful items that can do more than just look nice and sit around.

Old rolling pins, seriously, you want some weight to your pin to properly roll out baked goods, and modern pins, with the exception of fancy-dancy specialty ones, can be lacking, choose a good rolling pin that will last for years to come.

Ice cream scoops..ever tried to use a regular cheap spoon only to have it bend? How bout a cheaply made scoop that busts off where the handle meets the scoop?..Look for a good quality scoop from days gone by.

Mixing bowls..made of glass and not cheap plastic, vintage Pyrex, Fireking and Glas-Bake are all collectable, but often the plain white version of these dishes can be had for stupid-cheap and hold up to cooking and baking better than that cheap plastic crap (just use caution and check if microwave safe..some, especially if vintage ,won’t be, microwaving them can cause glass sickness..which usually won’t hurt you, but will make your dishes sad)

Butter churns, just make sure they aren’t cracked,chipped or some moron hasn’t made a hole in the bottom.

Tools..vintage tools can often be more durable and better quality than today’s cheaply made tools..especially if they are well cared for, take care of your tools and they will take care of you..

Gardening/harvesting tools..often a small garden can be better tended with vintage hand tools instead of modern gas powered or cheaply made tools

Any other suggestions? Lets have e’m below.


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