Printed books

So the popular thing now is books on computer tablets or whatever, which I’m sure is lovely..but what if the power goes out and the battery to your voodoo book machine isn’t charged?..What if your access to download a new book becomes restricted by lack of internet connection or zombie takeover? What are you going to read then?..
Books..they aren’t a worthless waste of paper, but rather a real, tangible manifestation that people are still creating and thinking (for the most part) and old books are precious little windows into a time gone by, not just with the story, but the way they were made, the small words we don’t even use anymore …for example: mare’s nest.. nobody uses it anymore .. what does it mean?

mare’s nest

A complex and difficult situation; a muddle: “your desk is usually a mare’s nest”.
An illusory discovery: “the mare’s nest of perfect safety”.

I mean ..c’mon folks you just don’t find gems like that in modern writing..
so stop trying to kill paper can’t throw your Nook at a zombie without him laughing..(which may sound more like gurgling) but you hit him with a stack of childcraft books you bought on sale at goodwill, and he’ll know you mean business..


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