The American Dream-What is it to you?

I hear alot of people going on about the American free this or provided that is a part of that dream..newsflash, folks, dreams don’t cost anything.
The realization of those dreams might cost you, but since nothing in life is free and it feels good to work for what you have, what is the big idea with the modern attitude of ‘Gimme’ ?
I suspect it is because some folks don’t want to work for their version of the dream, they’d rather take away from everyone else’s dreams to be handed theirs, no more consequences, no more action versus reaction.
From being a small child I was always taught that if you wanted something from this world, you got up off your ass, went out and worked for it, with your two hands and two feet, with the brain in your skull and the heart in your chest, you made things happen and as you worked it brought you closer to the things you wanted, and it also taught you to appreciate what you had, it taught you values that couldn’t be bought, like not to steal because that person worked just as hard for what they have as you worked for what you have. Hard work taught alot of us in the school of hard knocks, but along with the calluses and sore muscles, we had pride and integrity that couldn’t be bought or sold. We had the freedom to try an honest thing to get what we honestly wanted, and if it didn’t work out, we had the freedom to chose to try again.
What about all those with open palms willing to sell the freedom to make their own choices about their bodies and minds , in exchange for a temporary free ride, that is neither really free, nor temporary..For what?..So you don’t have to go out and buy a box of condoms?..So you don’t have to actually pay your doctor the fair wage that he worked hard in medical school for? Really? Is it worth it?
Compassion and decency are well and good, and are the foundation of many charities designed to help the poor and needy get the care they deserve, along with hospitals who don’t turn away emergency room patients that can’t pay if their illness or wound is life threatening..I’m sorry but nobody is going to give you a free boob job..your life doesn’t depend on it, and if your occupation does, well it was your choice to become a stripper and if I have to buy my non slip shoes or khaki pants, you can buy your own damn boobies and lipo..
This is about my choice to cut out the middle man, to tell my M.D. ..hey I just want to pay you up front for your services, you don’t jack up your costs and I won’t be too broke to pay you, instead of feeding a giant government insurance monster for services I hardly use and don’t really need or want..and then to be told my money isn’t just for my health, but to support some asshole who sits on their bum and collects a welfare check while buying a designer handbag and driving a BMW..are you f-ing kidding me?..Fire those people at the IRS and then rehire them to invade the lives of those on Government assistance, cause if it’s okay for the gov to invade my privacy when it comes to my healthcare then I want the lives of those whose healthcare I’m also paying for to feel invaded too..
You know what my ‘American Dream ‘ is?..To work hard, to work hard and earn the things I want, to work hard and earn the comfort I desire, and to be left the hell alone by the Government…not to pay for the damn Welfare state more than I do already..


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